Polished Concrete

Seacoast Concrete offers polished concrete flooring installation services

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polishing concrete is a grinding and chemical treatment process that turns ordinary concrete floors into a decorative finished product. Concrete, by nature, is very porous.  Once the surface is opened up with the grinding process, it needs to be treated with a densifying chemical to make the bulk of the surface more dense. Once properly applied, additional grinding will start to refine and smooth the surface to a natural polished appearance. If color is desired, a stain can be added to the surface. If designed ahead of time, an integral coloring dye can be added to the new concrete during the pour and placement of the concrete. Once the desired gloss level is reached, the concrete is sealed with a penetrating sealer and burnished. This process creates a beautiful floor to enjoy for many years to come!


  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Durable Finish
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Various Color Options
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Polished Concrete Flooring
Polished Floor
Polished Concrete