Terrazzo Flooring

Seacoast Concrete offers terrazzo flooring  services for residential and commercial flooring applications

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder (for chemical binding), polymeric (for physical binding), or a combination of both. Terrazzo is cured, ground and polished to a smooth refined finish and sealed to create a beautiful and durable floor for a very long time


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  • Residential & Commercial
  • Various Flooring Applications

Terrazzo Flooring

Seacoast Concrete offers many color and chipped material options for your Terrazzo flooring installation. Contact us today to discuss the various options for your flooring project.

Terrazzo Compass

Custom Inlay Designs

Our team of experienced installers can work with custom design features to create stunning design details in your Terrazzo flooring project.

Terrazzo Flooring

Custom Details

Our experienced crews can install various design details to ensure your flooring project is beautiful for years to come