Concrete is a versatile and time-tested material that offers many finishing options for your hardscape project

Concrete For Your Hardscape

Concrete is a popular choice when it comes to deciding on a hardscape material for your project.  Seacoast Concrete has many years of concrete finishing experience to ensure you receive the best looking finished product that will stand the test of time.  From basic finishes, such as broom finish and mag swirl… to decorative concrete installations which include stamped concrete or exposed aggregate, Seacoast Concrete can provide you with sound advice and a professional installation.


  • Stamped Concrete
  • Broom Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Stained / Dyed Concrete
  • Mag Swirl
Texture Stamp

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete uses rubber stamp mats during the pouring process to add design patterns and texture to plain concrete


Basic Concrete

Plain concrete is widely used for outdoor hardscape projects. Basic concrete finishes include broom finish and mag swirl and the concrete can be dyed or tinted if desired


Exposed Aggregate

Natural stones are added to the top surface of poured-in-place concrete to produce exposed aggregate. The stone adds natural beauty as well as durability throughout the lifetime of the concrete hardscape.